Department: Methodology & Statistics

Organisation: Utrecht University

Country: The Netherlands



Irene grew up in Spain, where she completed her bachelor in Psychology with a minor in Adult Clinical Psychology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. She finished her double master program in Methodology and Statistics for the Behavioural, Biomedical and Social Sciences and Social and Health Psychology, both at Utrecht University.  Currently, she is working for NCIM Groep in software development projects in the sectors of defense and security, energy and utilities, telecommunications, transportation and media, and technical automation.

Research topic

Irene completed her Methodology and Statistics research master thesis with Rens and Loek Brinkman as her supervisors. Her research project consisted out of a simulation study to determine how many trials were needed in a perception task (reverse correlation; for more details, see Dotsch, Wigboldus, Langner, & Van Knippenberg, 2008) to obtain a certain power, taking into account other factors such as complexity of the mental representation and complexity of the stimuli. The results obtained highlight the need to re-evaluate the way reverse correlation is being used to study social perception.