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What’s this…?

No, I am not in great pain 🙂 It is has to do with several videos we are recording… But, the details have to wait till after my holidays. So, people… enjoy the summer and see you again mid-August!

Just published: Physical Behavior Profiles in Chronic Cancer-Related Fatigue

Abstract Purpose Increasing physical activity level is a generally effective intervention goal for patients who suffer from chronic cancer-related fatigue (CCRF). However, patients are unlikely to benefit equally from these interventions, as their behavioral starting points might vary substantially. Therefore, we explored patterns of physical…

Interview – what should I ask?

This Friday, the 8th edition of the Mplus Users Meeting will take place on the topic of Dynamic Structural Equation Modeling (DSEM). During the meeting, I will interview Bengt MuthĂ©n, Tihomir Asparouhov and Ellen Hamaker about Mplus v8 and DSEM. What should I ask them? Leave…

Sneak Preview Living Room of Science @ECDP2017

During the European Conference on Developmental Psychology I organize a “Living Room of Science” to encourage interactions among scholars and henceforth stimulate the formation of informed opinions on conducting ethical studies. I invited several experts to share their experiences. Those presentations will not take the…

5 tips om werkstress tijdens je vakantie te voorkomen

Herken je dat gevoel van op vakantie zijn, maar in je hoofd toch nog met je werk bezig te zijn? Pas geleden had ik een vakantie gepland en ik wilde deze keer eens niet met mijn werk bezig zijn. Samen met een vriend hadden we…

Advanced Mplus Summerschool started – Who is participating?

This week our advanced Mplus Summerschool started with 80 happy participants from all over the world. Most of the participants already successfully used Mplus, but some didn’t. Software used by the participants:  

Soms vraag je je af….?

Eens in de week probeer ik op een andere plek te werken dan op de universiteit. Dan kan je hoofd creatiever nadenken en krijg je ook andere inzichten. Soms roept het ook andere vragen op, zoals:  

Hand-outs Available for 1st EDDA Working Group Meeting

The first EDDA* working group meeting was held June 26, 2017. All hand-outs are available at the EDDA website. If you are interested in attending the second meeting, which will take place mid-January 2018, you can pre-register. *EDDA = Expert Data (Dis)Agreement

Successfull start of Mplus Summerschool

This week our Mplus Summerschool started with 85 happy participants from all over the world.     Several of the participants already successfully used Mplus, but most didn’t.     Luckily, most of the participants are looking forward to it 🙂

Just accepted: Systematic Review of Bayesian statistics in Educational Research

Just accepted for Educational Review: Bayesian statistics in educational research – A look at the current state of affairs   The ability of a scientific discipline to build cumulative knowledge depends on its predominant method of data analysis. A steady accumulation of knowledge requires approaches which allow…

Kick-off for the project “The myth of null-hypothesis significance testing”

Today we have our first consortium meeting for the project “The myth of null-hypothesis significance testing in scientific research”, subsidized by ZonMW within the call about promoting responsible research practices (see below for more information about the project). The project group consists of Michiel de…

Wetenschap…dat kan ik ook

Bij de Jonge Akademie organiseren we Kennis op Straat. Daar kun je als niet-wetenschapper korte lezingen boeken gegeven door jonge en enthousiaste wetenschappers uit allerlei vakgebieden, waar naast een inhoudelijk thema ook de onderzoekende houding die aan wetenschap eigen is aan bod komt. Ook mij…