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The Black Bear Story – Now on YouTube

In many of my presentations I use a black bear story to explain the use and misuse of p-values. After receiving many requests, this story is now on YouTube! 🙂         Behind the scenes:  

Don’t be Afraid!

Free online stats-training with seven exercise how to get started with: R, SPSS, Mplus, JASP, Lavaan, Blavaan, RJAGS.

Small Sample Size Conference

Researchers often have difficulties collecting enough data to obtain statistical power: when target groups are small, hard to access, or measuring the participants requires prohibitive costs. Such obstacles to collecting data usually lead to a limited data set. Researchers can overcome this through simplifying their…

Ramen Poetsen

Het nieuwe academische jaar staat weer op het punt van beginnen. Wat kun je dit jaar verwachten op mijn site? Allerlei filmpjes! De afgelopen weken zijn we druk bezig geweest om een hele serie filmpjes en animaties op te nemen en te ontwikkelen. Ik heb…

Sneak Preview

During the ECDP conference the animation “My adventures among the scientists – By Sir prof.dr. Jeffrey Mosquite, esq, PhD.” will be showed in the Living Room of Science. For a sneak preview see the video below. Tickets for non-conference participants cost only 25 euros!  …

Just Accepted: Guidelines to construct informative priors

The current paper demonstrates the usefulness of Bayesian estimation with small samples. In Bayesian estimation, prior information can be included. Prior information is information about the model parameters that originates from sources other than the data at hand. These sources can be literature, experts, or general knowledge. Including prior…

Living Room of Science

During the ECDP-conference next week we organize a “Living Room of Science”-event to encourage interactions among scholars and henceforth stimulate the formation of informed opinions on conducting ethical research. If you are interested in attending the living room but not the conference, you can register for…

Inflatable chairs?

New at Utrecht University: inflatable chairs. A solution to the issue of limited office space? Or something else.. Follow #LofS to find out

What’s this…?

No, I am not in great pain 🙂 It is has to do with several videos we are recording… But, the details have to wait till after my holidays. So, people… enjoy the summer and see you again mid-August!

Interview – what should I ask?

This Friday, the 8th edition of the Mplus Users Meeting will take place on the topic of Dynamic Structural Equation Modeling (DSEM). During the meeting, I will interview Bengt MuthĂ©n, Tihomir Asparouhov and Ellen Hamaker about Mplus v8 and DSEM. What should I ask them? Leave…

Sneak Preview Living Room of Science @ECDP2017

During the European Conference on Developmental Psychology I organize a “Living Room of Science” to encourage interactions among scholars and henceforth stimulate the formation of informed opinions on conducting ethical studies. I invited several experts to share their experiences. Those presentations will not take the…

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