Welcome to the world of R!

This tutorial aims to provide the basics of R for beginners. Our detailed instruction will start from the foundations including the installation of R and RStudio, the structure of R screen, and loading the data.

Next, we introduce basic functions for data exploration and data visualization. Also, we provide how to do statistical analyses such as correlation analysis, multiple linear regression, t-test, and one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) with easy and intuitive explanation.

The most notable feature is some tips provided in the last section. Based on our ample experience in statistical consultation for methodologists and statisticians who use R, we selected the best advice that will make you smart R users.

Throughout this tutorial, we will use a dataset (popular_regr_1) from van de Schoot, van der Velden, Boom, and Brugman (2010). For more information on the sample, instruments, methodology, and research context, we refer the interested reader to the paper (see references).

Since we continuously improve the tutorials, let us know if you discover mistakes, or if you have additional resources we can refer to. The source code is available via Github. If you want to be the first to be informed about updates, follow Rens on Twitter.

Are you ready to enjoy it?