Department: Methodology & Statistics, Media & Culture Studies

Organisation: Utrecht University

Country: The Netherlands



Lena has a strong interest in communication in general and statistics in particular. Because of this interest, she is currently pursuing two research masters in both fields: one is on Methodology and Statistics; the other on Media and Performance Studies, both at Utrecht University. Before these graduate programs, she completed an interdisciplinary Liberal Arts and Sciences degree combining mathematics, physics and media studies at University College Roosevelt in Middelburg, the Netherlands. Also, she completed a one-year practical media production program in Ebeltoft, Denmark.

Research topic

For Rens, Lena has been developing and setting his research archive and his personal website. Besides those matters, she has been developing communication strategies as well as writing introductory texts (e.g. biographies) about Rens. In terms of her personal research, Lena is studying to what extent big data statistics can fit into the Official Statistical paradigm in cooperation with the Centre of Big Data Statistics (CBDS) at Statistics Netherlands. Also, she is working on the topic of identity changes through food-registration apps on ones mobile phone.