Exploring Bayesian Estimation

Exploring Bayesian Estimation

Created by: Sonja D. Winter & Rens van de Schoot, Utrecht University

1. Choose a prior distribution

2. Upload your data

Please submit data in .csv format with only one column of data and the variable name as the header.

3. Find your posterior!

By clicking the button below, you run the model to find the posterior mean of your data with your uploaded data and chosen prior distribution. If you change your data or prior, and you want to see its effect, just rerun the model by clicking the button again!


Based on: van de Schoot, R., Kaplan, D., Denissen, J., Asendorpf, J. B., Neyer, F. J., & Aken, M. A. (2014). A gentle introduction to Bayesian analysis: applications to developmental research. Child development, 85(3), 842-860.