Ian Rothman
Director of the Optentia Research Focus Area at the North-West University in South-Africa
After attending an Mplus summerschool Ian and Rens started to collaborate on several projects. In 2012 Ian invited Rens to become extra-ordinary professor at the Optentia Research Programme. Rens has been teaching several courses at Vanderbijlpark campus and every year researchers from Optentia visit Utrecht.
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Yves Rosseel
Professor of Data Analysis and developer of Lavaan
Yves is the author of lavaan, an R-package for latent variable analysis. In 2013, Rens and Yves supervised a research master student, Leonard Vanbrabant, to add constrained statistical inference to the package lavaan. After this successful collaboration Leonard was hired as PhD-student, and they obtained funding from the Belgium Reseach Institute to continue working on the project which resulted in the R package Restriktor.
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Sarah Depaoli
Assistant Professor at the University of California, Merced
Sarah’s research interests are largely focused on issues surrounding Bayesian estimation of latent variable models. She has a particular interest in estimation issues arising from nonlinear growth patterns over time. She is also interested in improving accuracy of uncovering unobserved (latent) groups of individuals. She is currently working with several students that are involved in research spanning a wide range of methodological topics .
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Todd Little
Founding director Institute for Measurement, Methodology, Analysis and Policy at Texas University and Director of Stats Camp
Todd and Rens share the same enthusiasm to teach about statistical topics which led Todd to invite Rens to start teaching at StatsCamp. In 2016, together they organized the first camp in Europe: EuroCamp, which was a great success.
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Grete Dyb
Director of the Norwegian Centre for Violence and Traumatic Stress Studies (NKVTS)
Further description is yet to come. For more information visit Grete's website.
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Dan McNeish
Quantitative Methodologist working with the Center for Developmental Science and the Quantitative Psychology program
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Dagmar Strohmeier
Professor for intercultural competence at the Upper Austria University for Applied Sciences, Linz, Austria
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Alan Johnson
Research Fellow at Nord University, Graduate School of Business
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Bengt Muthen
Professor Emeritus at the Graduate School of Education & Information Studies at UCLA And Owner of the software Mplus
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