Miranda Olff
Professor Neurobiological Mechanisms of Treatment in Trauma
Miranda focuses on the psychological and biological responses to traumatic stress. Research includes randomized controlled trials on the effects of debriefing of early trauma interventions, and psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy.
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Herbert Hoijtink
Professor Applied Bayesian Statistics
Herbert's main research interest is the evaluation of Informative Hypotheses. These are hypotheses constructed using (in)equality constraints among the parameters of interest.
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Mara Yerkes
Assistant Professor Comparative Social Policy & Intervention Studies
Her research interests include comparative welfare state research, comparative social policy, industrial relations and the employment relationship, the sociology of gender and sexuality, and social inequality.
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Margot Peeters
Margot studies longitudinal analyzing techniques to study the development of adolescents in the most efficient way. Techniques include latent transition, zero inflated, survival analysis, missing data analysis and Bayesian statistics.
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Wim Meeus
Professor Adolescent Psychology
Wim specializes in longitudinal adolescent studies, particularly regarding the development of personality and identity, personal relations and problematic behavior.
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Willem Koops
emeritus University Professor
Willem's area of expertise is history and foundations of developmental psychology and education.
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Nancy van Loey
Program leader Psychosocial & behavioral research (ADBC)
Nancy is related to the departement of Clinical and Health Psychology and program leader at Association of Dutch Burn Centres.

Jeroen Vermunt
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Joop Hox
Emeritus Professor social science methodology
Joop occupies himself with data quality in surveys and analysis models for complex data. Recently, his studies are on non-response problems in surveys and interviewer effects. The complex data types are often multilevel or clustered data.
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Elly Konijn
full professor in Media Psychology
Elly's scientific research program moves along three main lines: 1) emotions and media-based reality perceptions; 2) media use among adolescents; and 3) relating to media figures, virtual humans, and social robots.
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Hans Sonneveld

Diederick Stoel
Chief Executive Officer of ProfitWise
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Marit Sijbrandij
Associate Professor VU University
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Lars Tummers
Associate Professor Public Management & Public Policy
Lars's works on public management, leadership and government-citizen relations. Related to this, he develops an interdisciplinary field combining psychology and public administration, called 'Behavioral Public Administration'.
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