Department: Developmental Psychology

Organisation: Utrecht University

Country: The Netherlands



Inge is currently a 5th year external PhD student working at de Ambelt (a
special education school for students with psychiatric and behavior problems) in collaboration with Utrecht University and the research department of RENN4 (Regional Expertise Center for special education).

Research topic

Inge’s research concerns the development of students with special educational needs due to psychiatric and/or behavior problems. Students with emotional and/or behavior problems (EBD) perform worse than normally developing students with respect to their academic and their social-emotional development. The recently introduced Law for Suitable Education (Dutch: “Wet op Passend Onderwijs”) aims for inclusion of students with special educational needs in regular education. Yet, special education continues to exist, and students with EBD can either receive support services in their regular classroom or can be placed in segregated schools for special education.

The study compares the development of students with EBD included in regular education with the development of students with EBD referred to exclusive special education. Bayesian statistics is applied to handle the small samples with greater accuracy.