JASP: how to get started

We have developed a series of exercises to become familiar with the software JASP. 

Note: Since we continuously improve the tutorials, let us know if you discover mistakes, or if you have additional resources we can refer to. The source code is available via Github. If you want to be the first to be informed about updates, follow Rens on Twitter.


1. JASP for beginners

This tutorial introduces the fundamentals of JASP for starters. We guide you from installation to interpretation of results via data loading and data management. After the tutorial, we expect readers can easily perform correlation, multiple linear regression, t-test, and one-way analysis of variance and draw conclusions from outputs in JASP.

2. Bayesian Analyses with Default Priors

~under construction -> expected in 1-2 weeks

3. Bayesian Analyses with Informative Priors

~under construction -> expected in 2-3 weeks

4. The WAMBS checklist for JASP

~under construction -> expected in 3-4 weeks