Two different Web-based interventions were developed aimed at reducing chronic cancer-related fatigue (CCRF): a physiotherapist-guided ambulant activity feedback (AAF) therapy encompassing the use of an accelerometer, and a psychologist guided Web-based mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (eMBCT). In conclusion, AAF and eMBCT are effective interventions for reducing fatigue and improve mental health, as they help increasing sense of control of fatigue through providing helpful tools and being guided by a professional and caring therapist. The interventions helped patients’ reorientation of their identity as they gained insights in their boundaries and pitfalls.

Everts, F. Z. (2019). Evaluation of two different web-based interventions for chronic cancer-related fatigue: online mindfulness-based cognitive therapy and ambulant activity feedback (doctoral dissertation).

Prof. dr. M.M.R. Vollenbroek- Hutten (promotor)
Dr. M.L. van der Lee (copromotor)
Dr. A.G.J. van de Schoot (copromotor)


Former team member

In June 2012 I started my PhD project at the Helen Dowling Institute, which is a mental healthcare facility for cancer patients. There, I quantitatively investigated the effectiveness of two eHealth interventions for...