In the present article we illustrate a Bayesian method of evaluating informative hypotheses for regression models. Our main aim is to make this method accessible to psychological researchers without a mathematical or Bayesian background. The use of informative hypotheses is illustrated using two datasets from psychological research. In addition, we analyze generated datasets with manipulated differences in effect size to investigate how Bayesian hypothesis evaluation performs when the magnitude of an effect changes. After reading this article the reader is able to evaluate his or her own informative hypotheses.

Kluytmans, A., Van de Schoot, R., Mulder, J., & Hoijtink, H. (2012). Illustrating Bayesian evaluation of informative hypotheses for regression models. Frontiers in Psychology, 3:2.

Herbert Hoijtink
Professor Applied Bayesian Statistics
Herbert's main research interest is the evaluation of Informative Hypotheses. These are hypotheses constructed using (in)equality constraints among the parameters of interest.
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