This summer’s 7th Mplus Summer School program will be nothing like the ones before! In the next week, I will occasionally reveal some new details to keep you guessing.

This year I will be teaching the first day of the summer school. I will gently introduce Mplus using many anecdotes based on my own experience working with Mplus and helping other researcher running their first models. I will tell about great successes of researchers who could finally answer their research questions. But I also have some horror stories about people forgetting to check things and who had to retract their papers. This day will feel like a roller-coaster, but in the end, you will know what things you should never, ever, forget to check when analyzing your data using Mplus.

Based on the feedback we received last we made the first day a bit more relaxed with extra time for Q&A sessions. In the afternoon we have a very competent team ready to assist you with the exercises. Do not wait too long with registering for Week 1. because every year we end up having a long waiting list!