The first edition of the S4-conference (Small Sample Size Solutions) was a big succes! 

The conference was organized in Utrecht from March 5-8 (2018). There were 110 participants from all over the world (South-Africa, Australia, USA, and many more countries) who enjoyed four days in the lovely city of Utrecht. The conference was held at Zaalverhuur 7, a church that was built in 1900 and is located in the old city center, which was just a perfect location for our conference.

Luckily the weather was a bit improved. Just before the conference it was still freezing, snowing and raining. At the first day of the S4 conference the sun was already shining again.

During the conference we discussed solutions for small sample size issues and the audience could ask all of their questions. Many researchers went home with new ideas how to analyze their data. In 2020 we will organize a second edition and we would like to invite these researchers to come back and present their results. Also, we will provide many more solutions for small sample sizes. If you are working on such solutions and you would like to present your work, do not hesitate to contact us!

MORE PHOTOS by Bart Weerdenburg!

Prof.Dr. Todd Little and the band Minor Revisions at the S4-conference

On the second day of the conference we had a surprise performance of Todd Little and the band Minor Revisions. The first song they played was titled “Ring of Priors”, including the text “Rens fell into a burning ring of priors; He went down down down but the posterior went higher; And it burns burns burns…” 🙂 The lyrics are available here. With many thanks for the videos to Gabriel and Amir from Data Graph, Holon, Israel


Winner of the Young Researcher Award at the S4-conference

During the conference the jury (Todd Little, Yves Roseel,  Patrick Onghena and Joop Hox) carefully listened to the young researchers for determining the winner of the Young Researcher Award.

and the winner is: