This study provides an example on how to conceptualize and estimate models when double moderated mediation with nominal and continuous (Likert type) variables need to be simultaneously accounted for, and also how to appease reservations given the biases due to the implicit sequential ignorability assumption (endogeneity) regularly overseen in marketing research. We explain the issues and apply the proposed solution using empirical data. The benefits for research are considerable as this approach is superior to other approaches (e.g. splitting the sample by the binary moderator and estimating a moderated mediation model) while also accounting for accounted confounders.

Chryssochoidis, G. M., Tummers, L., & Van de Schoot, R. (7-10 July 2014). Modelling Double-Moderated-Mediation & Confounder Effects Using Bayesian Statistics. Proceedings of The Academy of Marketing 0168. Bournemouth.

Lars Tummers
Associate Professor Public Management & Public Policy
Lars's works on public management, leadership and government-citizen relations. Related to this, he develops an interdisciplinary field combining psychology and public administration, called 'Behavioral Public Administration'.
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