Here you can find the videos that were recorded during the 8th Mplus Users' Meeting.

Impressions from the 8th Mplus Users’ Meeting in Utrecht, 2017

The aim of the Dutch Mplus Users Group is to bring together international users of Mplus and to share information, learn about new developments and discuss solutions for typical Mplus problems. We organize such meetings for all interested researchers (applied researchers, statisticians & methodologists). Impression from our last meeting can be found in this video. Don't miss our next meeting!

Interview with Bengt Muthén

During the 8th Mplus Users' Meeting Rens van de Schoot interviewed Bengt Muthén about the newest release of the software Mplus.

Dynamic Structural Equation Modeling explained in 5 minutes

Mplus 8 offers the possibility to analyze intensive longitudinal data, such as obtained with ecological momentary assessments, experience sampling method, ambulatory assessments, and daily diaries, using dynamic SEM (DSEM). Tihomir Asparouhov explains the equations behind DSEM in 5 minutes (you might want to watch the movie several times...).

Portrait of Ellen Hamaker

Ellen Hamaker is Associate Professor at the Utrecht University. In this video we meet Ellen and we hear how she has contributed to the development of Dynamic Structural Equation Modeling (DSEM) and the connection with applied psychological research. Ellen talks about her motivation and she shares her ideas about the next steps in the field of DSEM.

Interview with Mårten Schulzberg

Mårten Schulzberg is one of the early adopters of Dynamic Structural Equation Modeling. In this interview he talks about his motivation and explains how he applied DSEM.

Cake at the Mplus Users Meeting

See how the cake is being prepared. Many thanks to Susana of CakeYourDay.