Researchers often have difficulties collecting enough data to obtain statistical power: when target groups are small, hard to access, or measuring the participants requires prohibitive costs. Such obstacles to collecting data usually lead to a limited data set. Researchers can overcome this through simplifying their hypotheses and statistical models. However, this strategy is undesirable since the intended research question cannot be answered in this way.

The aim of the S4 Conference is to bring together international researchers working to provide Solutions for Small Sample Size and to share information, learn about new developments and discuss solutions for typical small sample size problems. We will organize such meetings once a year for all interested researchers (applied researchers, statisticians & methodologists). The S4 conference will take place in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Attendees are welcome to submit applications for talks and posters. We welcome contributions from both applied researchers who wish to describe a small sample problem/ solution from their field, and statisticians who develop and evaluate methods for small sample research. PhD students presenting a talk or a poster are automatically considered for a Young Researcher Award.

The conference takes place on March 6-7, 2018, and there will be pre-conference workshops on March 5 and post-conference workshops on March 8. The pre-conference workshops are designed to introduce researchers to Bayesian analysis with small samples and to mediation analysis with small samples, and the topics of the post-conference workshop are Multilevel Modeling (MLM) and Latent Growth Curve Modeling (LGM) with small samples. The four workshops are not occurring concurrently, and participants can sign up for any or all of the pre- and post-conference workshops.

For more information on confirmed speakers and details about the conference schedule, check the website  in September 2017. The deadline to apply to give a talk is on November 1, and the applications for posters are accepted on a rolling basis starting November 1, 2017 until the quota is reached (or until the first day of the conference).


Hope to meet you in Utrecht!


Rens van de Schoot

Milica Miočević

Sarah Depaoli

Dan McNeish

Sanne Smid

Marianne Geelhoed (conference secretariat)