After the publication of our paper Bayesian PTSD-Trajectory Analysis with Informed PriorsI was contacted by Scientia whether I was interested in an outreach publication based on our paper. Since I had funding for this in my VIDI project , I was happy to agree. The team at Scientia read our papers and came up with a very nice summary of our work. The article is now available in both HTML and pdf format.

Now also available as Podcast on the Scipod channel: Listen on Soundcloud or in your browser 


Statistical Methods for Small Data

Researchers are heavily reliant on statistical techniques that are based on large sample sizes. Therefore, attempts to gain useful information from small samples can often lead to biased, or incorrect conclusions. Dr Rens van de Schoot at Utrecht University has shown that the limitations associated with small samples sizes can be overcome by using an alternative method – Bayesian estimation – as an all-encompassing approach to quantitative research. However, this approach comes at a price: expert knowledge must be integrated into the statistical model.