The present paper contrasts two related criteria for the evaluation of prior-data conflict: the Data Agreement Criterion (DAC; Bousquet, 2008) and the criterion of Nott et al. (2016). One aspect that these criteria have in common is that they depend on a distance measure, of which dozens are available, but so far, only the Kullback-Leibler has been used. We describe and compare both criteria to determine whether a different choice of distance measure might impact the results. By means of a simulation study, we investigate how the choice of a specific distance measure influences the detection of prior-data conflict. The DAC seems more susceptible to the choice of distance measure, while the criterion of Nott et al. seems to lead to reasonably comparable conclusions of prior-data conflict, regardless of the distance measure choice. We conclude with some practical suggestions for the user of the DAC and the criterion of Nott et al.

Lek, K. & Van De Schoot, R. (2019). How the Choice of Distance Measure Influences the Detection of Prior-Data Conflict. Entropy21, 446.



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