Search for purposes in life and the meaning of life is one of the developmental tasks in youth. The Meaning-in-Life Orientations test (MOL) is often used to assess purposes in life and meaningfulness of life and is often used to compare individuals and groups. It is yet unclear whether this test shows measurement invariance across different countries or not, which was the main object of the current study. First, confirmatory factor analyses were conducted separately for data sets with Russian and Ukrainian students. Second, metric and scalar invariance were tested. Finally, comparisons between Russian and Ukrainian students were made on their scores on the MOL.

Gorlova, N., Romanyuk, L., Vanbrabant, L., & Van de Schoot, R. (2012). Meaning-in-life orientations and values in youth: Cross-cultural comparison. European Journal of Developmental Psychology, 9(6), 744-750.

PhD Student

The topic of my PhD project is sample-size reduction by order constraints. Many researchers are familiar with the power gain in the context of the one-sided t-test.